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The Legal Guardian is devoted to protecting your professional medical license aggressively. We pride ourselves on offering robust defenses. Since every provider's case is unique, we focus on developing tailor-made strategies. Our custom-made services could include:

  • Litigating Accusations brought by EMSA, Board of Registered Nursing, (BRN), the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), or the MBC
  • Petitioning for reinstatement after the board revokes your license
  • Requesting for early probation termination
  • Appealing disciplinary actions by way of Writs of Mandate in the Superior Courts*
  • Defending against your license withdrawal in court under California PC 23
  • Prepping you for EMSA, BRN, DCA or the Medical Boards Investigator’s interview and safeguarding your rights at the interrogative interviews
  • Responding to investigation letters from your licensing agency
  • Appealing the denial/ rejection of your license application
  • Helping you to put proper wording when disclosing and explaining your adverse background details when applying for your license

In California, particularly, licensing boards could investigate your professional conduct and quality of care. Disciplinary actions from the boards typically start with examining your practice and could be triggered by other professionals’ or patients’ complaints made to the board. Insurers could also file reports stating that you are involved in malpractice. Reports that peer review bodies file could also make the board take disciplinary actions against you regarding staff privileges or ethical complaints.

The MBC could also learn about your convictions in California or another state through the media or practitioner databases. At the Legal Guardian, our license defense lawyers could represent you in investigations and enforcement actions. It is recommended that you contact us during the early stages to develop robust defenses against boards like:

  • California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA)

  • Local Emergency Medical Agencies (LEMSA)

  • California Board of Behavioral Sciences Licensing Investigations

  • Board of Pharmacy Licensing Investigations

  • Board of Registered Nursing Licensing Investigations

  • Board of Chiropractic Examiners Licensing Investigations

  • Board of Chiropractic Examiners Licensing Investigations

  • Dental Board of California Licensing Investigations

  • Medical Board of California Licensing Investigations

Other medical professional misconducts we have experience and can help with include:

  • Treating patients while intoxicated. We can represent you if your patient or a colleague make claims that you went to work disoriented

  • You got involved in gross negligent operations. You could blunder by failing to record a patient’s blood group before performing a blood transfusion. If you face a gross negligence charge, we could help challenge through litigation the administrative actions or, if appropriate, negotiate a plea not to lose your license

  • Failing to supervise your medical assistants and aids properly

  • Allowing a healthcare assistant to work without proper training or licensing

  • You faced charges of other offenses as a Paramedic, EMT, Nurse, or physician, such as DUI, sex crimes, or domestic violence.

  • HIPAA violations and other infractions involving patient privacy

  • Exceeding the bounds of your license. For instance, there are medical treatments an EMT cannot administer to patients

You need the help of a healthcare professional licensing lawyer if you are currently subject to a hospital or licensing board decision, which negatively affects your practice ability. Negative impacts could include being placed on probation or having your license suspended. In California, you have the right to appeal the board's decision review at a Superior Court. Then, the superior court verifies if the Boards abused its discretion in making its judgment. Our network of appellate lawyers could help you with decision appeals by many boards like:

  • The Board of Pharmacy

  • The Board of Chiropractic Examiners

  • The Hospital Board Regarding Privileges Disputes

  • The Dental Board of California

  • The California Board of Behavioral Sciences

  • The Medical Board of California

Serving medical professionals in trouble in Long Beach, The Legal Guardian entails the knowledge and resources to make the board comply with the law.

1. Appealing Rejection for License Renewals and First Time Applicants

During your license application, you should submit accurate background qualifications to EMSA, BRN, DCA, or the California Medical Board. Before the application submission, you want to find a medical-legal experienced attorney who could review the disclosure to determine if you have provided all the necessary details. Giving false information could lead to a license denial.

If you have an unstable background and don't know the proper wording to put in your application, we can offer you help. Since full disclosure through a well-worded explanation is recommended, our attorneys will help you get your license irrespective of the derogatory information in your background.

2. Appealing License Rejection

If you have already received a Statement of Issues or denial letter, we can develop a strong strategy on the best way to respond to the board's rejection. We have successfully helped many medical professionals acquire their licenses after returning Notice of Defense.

3. Appealing for License Reinstatements

After you have surrendered your license or the board has revoked your license, it is best to receive legal counsel before you begin an application for license reinstatement. We can help review the application to determine if it is well-worded. We could also create a reliable application packet that highlights rehabilitation's track record to offer you the best chance of having your professional license reinstated and save your professional career. We have represented medical experts for all phases of license applications, reinstatements, and appeals.

Skilled in Medical Professional License Defense

At The Legal Guardian, we know how to handle charges against you. Our capable healthcare license attorneys could help you build efficient legal defenses that present you in the best possible light. Our lead attorney, David Givot, is a former Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Professional, whose vast experience and knowledge of EMS give us an edge over other attorneys when it comes to defending healthcare professionals.

For over a decade, we have represented EMS providers, Paramedics, ER Nurses, and EMTs, chiropractors, registered nurses, medical doctors, surgeons, and many other healthcare professionals. You can always count on us in the complex intersection of medical licensing and DUI/ criminal laws.


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At The Legal Guardian, we focus on defending, professional medical licenses and medics like you throughout Long Beach and bordering counties and throughout California. With our in-depth experience safeguarding medical professionals from losing their careers, you won't find a more befitting firm for fighting for you. Our California professional license defense lawyers have a wealth of experience representing all types of California health care professionals, including:

Emergency Medical Service Providers, Paramedics, and Emergency Medical Technicians

The roles of emergency medical service providers, technicians, and paramedics are not without unique struggles. You are liable legally, morally, and ethically for every treatment performed, complying with protocols suitable for different circumstances. As an EMT, you are limited to administering specific medications; you perform your duties within a particular practice scope. As such, patients and other medical professionals could misunderstand your job; therefore, making you an easy lawsuit prey like negligence or inaction charges.

If you face charges, don't let your EMS license slip away without a fight, but don't go alone. At The Legal Guardian, we could help you wade through the administrative waters defending your EMT or paramedic license. We could also help you get a license if you have done all that is needed right but still face roadblocks.

Registered Nurses

As a registered nurse (RN), you are among the most essential of all medical professionals. Obtaining an RN license involves a costly, challenging, and lengthy process. Yet, just one claim can unravel the struggle and devotion that you incorporated in your training. The Board of Registered Nursing takes any misconduct cases very seriously, and that's why you shouldn't challenge the allegations alone. It’s not unheard-of patients having unrealistic expectations from nurses who meet the required standards. But that doesn’t mean nurses cannot err, especially under extreme working conditions.

Contact us when the board begins investigations for complaints against you like violating health codes, ethical violations, or accusations of criminal activity. The Legal Guardian will help you maneuver through the complex, combat administrative actions against your license, and, if need be, enter a plea, all in a bid to protect your rights and livelihood.

Pharmacies and Pharmacists

It takes many years of investment, dedication, and hard work to hone skills and secure a pharmacy, pharmacist technician, or pharmacist license from the California State Board of Pharmacy. Due to the nature of your career, you face a higher risk of getting accused of violating medical professional guidelines and losing your license. Examples of medical misconduct that could lead to your license suspension are false record-keeping, insurance fraud, or wrongful prescription practices.

We can help you challenge false accusations and reduce the impact of genuine allegations. At Legal Guardian, we are experts in defending against claims and protecting pharmacist technicians, pharmacists, and pharmacies licenses. Since these cases have short deadlines, you must contact us when you learn about allegations against you.

Osteopathic Doctors

In the quiet corners of the medical field are osteopaths, experts who treat and manipulate patients’ and allow their bodies to ‘heal themselves.’ Unlike other specialized healthcare professions, the roadmap to obtain an osteopathic license is not without challenges. You spend many years studying, practicing, and training for your roles.

While your profession is highly valued, accusations from your colleagues, competitors, and patients could jeopardize the capacity to keep your licensure. Potential allegations include substance abuse, criminal convictions significantly connected to practice, incompetence/ negligence, unprofessional conduct, helping the unlicensed professionals practice medicine, and prescribing medications excessively.

Don’t take a chance on fighting for your jeopardized hard-won professional license and income if you are facing any charges. We can help challenge disciplinary actions like license revocation, probation, or citation that the Osteopathic Medical Board of California imposes. At The Legal Guardian, we have perpetual resources, and over a decade of experience to assist you in maneuvering the challenging process and obtain a favorable outcome.

Physical Therapists

As a physical therapist, you devote your time to making a difference in patients’ everyday lives. However, your entire career could hang in the balance when the Physical Therapy Board of California receives complaints against you and begin investigations. The allegations could cause a deranging impact not only on your livelihood but also on licensure. Examples of claims that could cause administrative actions are improper assistant supervision, insurance fraud, substance abuse, and unlicensed aids.

If you are looking to challenge the accusations alone, you could put your practice, license, and livelihood at risk. The board hires experienced lawyers and investigators, and so should you. Fortunately for you, The Legal Guardian’s attorneys are not only experienced with legal matters but also have backgrounds in the medical industry.

Place your license issues into our able hands, and we will challenge the allegations and combat any jeopardy against your professional license. At The Legal Guardian, we develop strong, effective legal defenses to safeguard our clients’ careers, futures, and licenses.

Surgeons and Physicians

As a surgeon or physician, you work in a strictly controlled field and have to meet the demanding professional requirement to receive and keep your license. In unfortunate situations, you could find yourself facing investigations from the California Medical Board. You need an experienced attorney to defend you since an administrative action could limit or even end your practice. Your lawyer could help protect your license from competitor/ employee complaints, malpractice claims, patients’ accusations, or exaggerated allegations.

You want to hire a medical license defense lawyer when you receive an interview or records request from the board. Our team at The Legal Guardian will ensure you avoid making errors like not giving responses, refusing to submit the required papers, or not responding to the issues. By getting our attorneys on board the instance the problems arise, we can develop a robust defense, prepare claim responses, and avoid missing critical deadlines. However, irrespective of the investigation stage, The Legal Guardian can steer your case from that point forward and prevent additional administrative actions.

Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants

You must have worked hard for many years, undergone pricey licensing processes, and thorough training to acquire your dentistry license. Yes, one blunder/ allegation from your patient or colleague and an investigation from the Dental Board of California could jeopardize your licensure. If you feel that your livelihood and career are at stake, contact The Legal Guardian for help. We know the pressure you get when under investigations and could help you safeguard your hard-earned license. However, time is of the essence. The earlier you talk to us, the faster we can avoid your license suspension or worse revocation. If the board has already revoked the license, we can challenge the disciplinary action and request your license reinstatement.

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The Process of Defending and Reinstating

Your California Medical License

Healthcare license defense involves defending a healthcare professionals license at different stages in disciplinary actions, namely:

  1. Physician complain or criminal charge
  2. License investigation and interview
  3. Formal Accusation
  4. OAH Administrative Hearing
  5. Appeal
  6. Reinstatement

The Legal Guardian is an expert in defending medical practitioners whom the MBC licenses. MBC regulates particular professionals like surgeons and physicians to safeguard health care consumers. Together with the Central Complaint Unit (CCU), MBC investigates claims from consumers and takes the necessary disciplinary actions if you are guilty of violating the Medical Practice Act.

The six stages of disciplinary actions we could help you navigate through when facing disciplinary action are:

Healthcare License Investigation and Interview

The Health Quality Investigation Unit (HQUI) under DOI is tasked to handle investigations for the MBC. The investigators use cunning methods to build a case against you. That said, you can easily incriminate yourself, especially if the investigator appears friendly. Our primary goal is to have the investigation canceled without any disciplinary action.

We begin by requesting the accusations summary to determine the investigation scope. Next, we build a strong defense strategy that proves why license revocation is unnecessary. We could also perform the following actions dependent an on case by case basis:

  • Scheduling a meeting with the investigating team to submit the response report, refute the accusation, or lower the charges
  • Examining possible criminal liabilities that could impact your defense
  • Creating a rehabilitation strategy if you have a chemical addiction problem

After completion of the investigation, an MBC expert reviewer assesses the case to determine if an administrative action is necessary. If we resolve your case at this stage, the MBC cannot publish the complaints against you.

Formal Accusation Filed

At this stage, the Attorney General publishes the allegations on platforms like Breeze, MBC iOS app, and the Medical Board website. After the publications, you have up to 15 days to make a response or else lose your licensure by default under Government Code 11505. The Legal Guardian could help you submit a ‘Notice of Defense’ and start defending against the claims. For example, by:

  1. Negotiating a plea with the Attorney General’s Office. If we reach an agreement, we secure a Stipulated Settlement and Disciplinary Order

  2. Preparing for your Hearing with the Department of Justice, Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH)

  1. Administrative Hearing at OAH If the case is not dropped at the Accusation stage, an Administrative Hearing gets scheduled at the Long Beach’s OAH, which has locations throughout California. Here, we could argue the case against the prosecution and provide the required proof. The judge receives the evidence and has up to 30 days to propose a decision per California Government Code 11517. Then, an MBC panel of seven members examines the proposal and renders the final decision. For instance, license restriction, suspension, revocation, or impose another disciplinary action.

    Our team has immense experience with representing medical professionals in OAH and California Superior Court for licensure issues. Talk to us today to vigorously fight for you and tactically defend your case.

  2. Writ of Mandamus Appeal If you lose your case at the OAH stage, you can appeal the decision in California Superior Court using a writ of mandamus. Our network of appellate attorneys could help file the writ petition within 30 days per the law. The writ petition can be used to challenge the Administrative Hearings outcome, especially if we notice errors/ omissions EMSA, the BRM, the DCA, or the MBC and OAH made. If you cannot obtain a favorable outcome at this stage, our network of appellate attorneys can appeal in the California Court of Appeals, and then the California Supreme Court. Given their experience, they can develop persuasive appeals using complex proof and on short notice.

  3. License Reinstatement or Penalty Relief The Legal Guardian could represent your petition filing for medical license reinstatement and other kinds of punishment reliefs. The Legal Guardian can help you petition the MBC for reinstatement of an already revoked health care professional license, punishment reduction, or early termination of the imposed probation period. Contact a Healthcare Professional License Defense Lawyer Near Me Dealing with criminal charges or facing disciplinary action as a medical practitioner could put you in a lot of pressure. A single mistake like a DUI charge or failing to supervise your juniors could get you into trouble as a medical professional. Imagine watching the career you built for many years, crumble down, and have your license revoked. When you choose The Legal Guardian, we get fully devoted to protecting your practice, license, reputation, and rights. We represent healthcare service providers in Long Beach and other surrounding counties. For the best outcome possible, reach us at (866) 448-6811 today. Our team will not only listen to your story but also offer you A-class legal counsel.

Physician Complaint or Criminal Charge

The CCU receives complaints against you and initiates Medical Board enforcement. Notifications that could trigger implementation include:

  • Disciplinary action in another state
  • Peer review 805 report
  • Criminal charges or conviction
  • Complaints from another medical professional, an insurer, or a patient after you violate the Medical Practice Act

 A CCU analyst investigates the complaint to determine whether it meets the board's jurisdiction requirement and if you deserve to face disciplinary actions. When the analyst requests a written response, it's recommendable that you contact your lawyer to avoid incriminating yourself. If the claims are correct, the case gets referred to the district office for further investigation at the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Divisions of Investigation (DOI). If you are arrested for a DUI or another crime as a medical practitioner, you must contact our lawyers. After your arrest, we could make every effort to have your charges reduced or dismissed.


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Dealing with criminal charges or facing disciplinary action as a medical practitioner could put you in a lot of pressure. A single mistake like DUI charge, or failing to supervise your juniors could get you into trouble as a medical professional. Imagine watching the career you built for many years, crumble down, and have your license revoked.

When you choose The Legal Guardian, we get fully devoted to protecting your practice, license, reputation, and rights. We represent healthcare service providers in Long Beach and other surrounding counties. For the best outcome possible, reach us at (866) 448-6811 today. Our team will not only listen to your story but also offer you A-class legal counsel.

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