“After seeing David Givot’s lecture at a conference in Austin Texas, I knew we had to have him come to SW. Florida and speak to our personnel. We had representatives from 5 Counties in attendance, and they all told us they were taking parts of all of his lecturing topics back to their Departments to share the knowledge they now have. David tells it how it is, and pulls no punches, which is what our business is about….Reality. David’s lectures are an asset to any organization; we appreciated him coming to speak to us.”

Captain Randy Kraus, Medical Officer – Ft. Meyers Beach Fire Department

“David Givot Aka “The Legal Guardian” is a Lawyer. Yes, oftentimes just the mention of someone being an Attorney at Law is immediately followed by a disparaging remark or jokes that are off pudding and inappropriatefor the workplace. David Givot is not one of those stereotypical scounduels; infact he is just the polar opposite. David Givot “The Legal Guardian” has established his practice based off his deepest and innermost unrelenting want to improvethe lives of others. Dave was a EMT Paramedic and from the people I know withwhom he proudly served many years with was a passionate patient advocate aswell as am unbiased, non judgmental and deeply compassionate care provider to allof his patients despite their situation. As many of us in the emergency medicalfield do, we used EMS as a stepping stone, away to work towards a career and gain invaluable experiences that would prepareus for the many challenges we would face in our personal and professional lives.I used EMS to become a Firefighter, many use EMSto become Police Officers, Nurses, Doctors or transition into another alliedhealth vocation. David Givot used his plethora of human interactive experienceto guide his moral compass into a profession of helping individuals who aresuffering, destitute and feel that they are without hope in a way he saw waslacking. Professionals whom have ran into a legal bind. So, Dave became alawyer. Yes, I said it. (Gasp…..please hold your jokes and comments until theend) To say that David Givot is the best attorney at law i have ever seen is not hyperbole.  David Givot filled a much needed area of in the lives ofthose who dedicate themselves to others by creating a law firm that aids individuals whom are in the midst of a legal experience. Despite thecircumstances I know that David Givot will represent you and your interestswith unrelenting compassion and advocacy he delivered to his patients in thefield.  David has offered me much neededlegal advice in personal, professional and business matters with much knowledgeof president, case law and current event to ensure that my decisions were madewith a clear legal conscience. I have referred David Givot “ The Legal Guardian”to many of my friends whom have had serious allegations and professionalsituations brought against them and despite the gravity of the situation Davidwas easy to talk to, approachable, always reachable on his toll free number.David is a real guy who has been thru real situations, you can talk to this guylike you would talk to a friend and best of all, if you are ever accused ofsomething in the workplace, arrested or charged with a crime, David Givot islike having a legal form of Godzilla in your back pocket to protect you fromthe legal system that is designed to destroy you.”

Sean Smiley MICP, Nremt-P – Firefighter/Paramedic

“No matter how big or small your legal issues are, Dave Givot is the only one I would trust without hesitation. When he takes your case you instantly feel you are his only client. Dave has taken his years of experience in EMS and applies his same calm, confident and professional demeanor in practicing law. Mr. Givot has an unparalleled work ethic which translates to the best possible resolution of your case. In no uncertain terms Dave Givot is the person to turn to in your time of need.”


David is truly one of a kind – an energetic & dynamic lecturer who holds the attention of his students and engages them during his lecture to keep the discussion evolving.  He consistently receives high marks from our students on his evaluations  It is great to see an alum come back and teach with such passion and enthusiasm to the future of EMS!!!

Justin McCullough – UCLA – Daniel Freeman Paramedic Education Program

“You ROCK young man!!!!”

Lyn Riley, RN, MICN – UCLA Center for Prehospital Care

Throughout my EMS career, I have found myself in some pretty daunting situations that I have always been able to use my knowledge and training to help overcome. However, recently, I found myself in a situation where I was not able to rely on my knowledge and training and instead I needed the help of David Givot. Whether it was day or night, question or concern, when it came to EMS or the Law, David was there to help. David is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I have ever met. Not only were Mr. Givot’s services commendable, but without him I seriously doubt I would be would be writing this testimonial right now. If you are looking for an attorney at law, or just have a question in regards to your legal situation, choose David and rest assured you are in good hands.

Firefighter/Paramedic A.Lopez

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