As “The Legal Guardian,” David Givot has developed a growing practice of speaking to EMS providers, agencies, and ancillaries all across the United States on all things related to the Law and Emergency Medical Services.

Whether for private groups, entire agencies, or conferences large and small, David will customize existing programs or develop entirely new programs to address the issues most important to your area.

Bringing The Legal Guardian to your people is simple.

Flat-Rate Speaking Fee
David Givot charges one flat rate for speaking days only.

You only pay for the day of the program. There is no additional fee for travel days or downtime. If the program is one hour or six hours, the fee is the same. There is no hourly charge and every program includes as much additional time as the audience needs to ask questions and receive answers.

Development Time Included
There is no extra charge for program development. Whether it is an established favorite re-crafted for your group or an all-new program created at your request, the cost of development is included in the speaking fee.

Nominal Expenses: Travel & Lodging Only
To bring The Legal Guardian to your area, simply provide transportation and hotel. The hotel need not be fancy and a regular room is fine.

No Charge for Meals
Unless otherwise stated, David Givot does not charge clients for meals and does not charge for miscellaneous travel expenses.

Air Transportation
The client provides air transportation for engagements farther than 250 miles from Los Angeles, California. However, business class travel is only required for travel greater than 1,200 miles.

Ground Transportation
The client provides rental car or other ground transportation reimbursement unless ground transportation is otherwise provided.

Facilities & Equipment
David Givot will provide his own computer and PowerPoint presentation. However, the client is responsible for all facilities and additional audio/visual accommodations, such as projectors, screens, etc.

Deposit & Cancellation
Because every operation is different, terms for deposit and cancellation are negotiable.

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Dealing with criminal charges or facing disciplinary action as a medical practitioner could put you in a lot of pressure. A single mistake like DUI charge, or failing to supervise your juniors could get you into trouble as a medical professional. Imagine watching the career you built for many years, crumble down, and have your license revoked.

When you choose The Legal Guardian, we get fully devoted to protecting your practice, license, reputation, and rights. We represent healthcare service providers in Long Beach and other surrounding counties. For the best outcome possible, reach us at (866) 448-6811 today. Our team will not only listen to your story but also offer you A-class legal counsel.

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