Adding new clients to your professional license defense law firm is no picnic. There is an intense competition that you have to deal with, and adding clients takes time and effort away from handling pending cases. Well, most license defense law firms that have established themselves in the legal market have rostered their hinges on how they handle their current and potential clients.

Handling your clients well increases your chances of skyrocketing your growth while mistreating them dwindles your growth chances. Therefore, the most recommendable way to experience your professional license defense law firm's growth is by hiring a call answering service. Below are several reasons why you should hire an answering service for your professional license defense law firm.

Challenges That Professional License Defense Law Firms Are Facing in their Growth

Before we embark on the benefits of hiring a call answering service for your professional license defense law firm, it is vital to acknowledge the challenges that law firms are facing in their growth. This gives a limelight on why most law firms adopt measures like using a call answering service to solve their challenges. Let's have a closer look at these challenges.

Less Online Presence

In this era, law firms must have an online presence on the internet to demonstrate that they are subject to matter authority and can new customer lead. A professional license defense law firm with a strong online presence will help you generate new clients and help you communicate with experts in license defense law. Hiring answering services that offer website management as part of their services can help you establish a strong online presence, significantly increasing your growth.

Attracting Quality Clients

The biggest challenge of running a professional license defense law firm attracting quality clients. You can be the greatest attorney in the world, but without clients, you cannot go anywhere. However, with the the use of legal answering services, you can establish a remarkable communication strategy, internet presence and other strategies that would help your law firm grow. These strategies can attract quality clients, which increases your firms productivity in return. 

Benefits of Using an Answering Service for your Professional License Defense Law Firm

Today's answering services are not the answering services used in the past. Back then, live answering services used to field clients' calls and relayed messages only. Nowadays, answering services play a more critical role in running any business effectively. For instance, answering services provides services like bilingual answering, email response, text messaging, 24-hour answering capabilities, social media monitoring, and other services.

These services can significantly benefit your professional license defense law firm and help it grow and establish itself in the legal market. Here are several ways that call answering services can help your law firm grow. 

Guarantees 24-hour Availability For Your Law Firm

With a legal answering service at your disposal, clients can obtain support from a live representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can even opt to have the answering service take calls on holidays. Therefore, clients calling your law firm wil not be shoehorned into call during normal business hours and instead reach out to you when it’s convenient. This is a massive win for your clients' experience, which will develop your law firm's reputation and earn a better client retention rate as well.

Apart from that, your clients will not have to worry about a voicemail or automated system. Instead, they can always speak to a live representative, have their questions answered, and have their appointments scheduled. This will enable you to run your firm around-the-clock without needing to lift a finger. In the end, you will comfortably walk into your office the next day to find satisfied clients and booked appointments.  

Call Answering Service Provide Customized Solutions Tailored for your Firm's Requirements

There is more to your professional license defense firm other than answering calls. Fortunately, experienced call answering services always have a wide range of services that they can offer. Therefore, you can choose particular services depending on your firm's needs. Apart from that, as your law firm grows and there is a need for changed requirements an experienced call answering services can modify and update your solutions and current strategies. In the end, there will be a high client turnover in your firm without too many expenses.

Call Answering Services Cost Less than Hiring Receptionist

If you have to hire an employee to handle every task in your law firm, you can end up having a big team at your disposal. The cost of paying your employees is much more expensive than using a professional answering service. For instance, the receptionist’s average cost is around 30K per year, without considering associated expenses like office supplies, overtime, benefits, and compensation insurance. This adds up to high expenses while considering the cost of paying every employee in your firm.

However, for a fraction of these costs, your law firm can rely on a call answering service and meet all its needs. This kind of solution provides an economical and cost-effective option that would allow you to compete with other firms of any size. Not to mention, this will help you eliminate all the added costs related to employees' salaries and other required equipment.

Call Answering Service Reliability Creates Client Loyalty and Connection

Once clients are satisfied with the kind of services provided by your law firm, they will remain loyal to you and stick to your firm stick while handling future license disputes. Hiring an answering service reinforces this kind of reliability and connection, especially if it offers 24-hour services. Even when clients’ issues are not handled immediately, hearing them out and guaranteeing that you will get back to them is enough to convert a one-time customer to a long-term client. 

Call Answering Services Provide a Positive Way to Resolve Clients Dispute

You never want to leave your client stewing over an issue that your firm is expected to solve, especially those that involves license application appeals. That's why a call answering service steps in by giving the right avenue that clients can air their issues and have them heard by your attorneys.

Even if there are no immediate solutions to the issues presented by your clients, hearing them out is a suitable way to help them gain confidence in your services. It also demonstrates that your firm cares for their welfare and their satisfaction. 

Hiring a Call Answering Service Can Be a Source of Your Firm's Reputation

Since most license-related legal issues are challenging, you will find a lot of clients talking positively about a firm that has successfully  handles their issues. Therefore, if you rely on a call answering service that maintains the best services, it's almost a guarantee that most of your satisfied clients will tell people about your firm’s quality service. This can be done through word of mouth, online review, or other avenues. As the word spreads, it becomes a source of advertising and exposure, which will lead to significant growth of your firm. 

Call Answering Services Protects Your Firm's Reputation

It is possible for a license defense firm to establish a good reputation and destroy it at the same time. That’s why its crucial to hire an answering service to ensure that consistent client handling is maintained. This is created through the impression that the answering service leaves on your customer. Your answering service does not necessarily have to handle all incoming messages, but a simple statement like "leave a message at the beep" can go a long way into making your clients feel that their welfare is being considered. Call answering services also gives the assurance that voicemails will be promptly and efficiently responded to more than what in-house receptionists would achieve. 

Call Answering Services Makes Your Firm Look More Professional

According to some reports, 48% of law firm clients polled found customer service representatives answering calls to be unhelpful. This is common with most in-house receptionists employed to handle calls in most law firms. Most of these scenarios occur when your receptionists have several tasks to run rather than focus on incoming calls.

However, with the help of a call answering service, this kind of experience would be different based on their receptionists’ professionalism and automated menus. With these at their disposal, your firm will appear to be more professional, giving clients confidence in the kind of service you offer. 

Call Answering Service Allows your Staff to Spend More Time on What Matters

Although most law firms have several employees who can handle incoming and outgoing calls, there are still many tasks that need to be handled to run your firm effectively. No one would spend hours picking up the phone and getting interrupted. With a call answering service, you expect calls to be answered on time, filtered virtually, and have all information about your firm delivered effectively. In the end, most of your staff will be freed, which will help them handle essential tasks.

Reduce Waiting Time for Callers

At times, your live receptionists can be overwhelmed by the number of incoming calls in your firm. An overwhelmed live receptionists can hold your customers for 10-20 minutes and can be disappointing. However, if your call answering service adopts an automated answering service, your customers do not have to wait.

Automated answering service clients to leave a message, and someone from the call answering team can call them right back. This reduces frustration and ensures your clients' time is honored. Since 78% of clients refuse to complete a transaction due to poor customer service, providing a speedy service would be a critical mission for your firm. 

Ensures that You Get All Your Calls

Holding your client for long can be a bad thing, but missing a call on your side can be disastrous, especially when dealing with a current license case. No one would want to miss this kind of client. Fortunately, with the help of n answering service, you do not have to worry about any missed call. Most answering service providers have an automated system that can capture information about every call.

Therefore, callers do not have to listen to a ringing phone, long wait time, and unanswered calls or have you concerned about missed opportunities when they reach out to your law firm. These services can also offer remote answering services, which allows you to receive all calls from a remote location other than your office. Therefore, the next time you are out of your are busy attending to a court session or meeting a client, you can easily handle all urgent calls and handle them on time. 

Call Answering Services Can Help Your Firm Keep a Running List of Calls and Voicemail

A reliable answering service should provide a call recording service and a voicemail service. Therefore, every incoming call is logged regardless of whether the caller spoke to anyone or left a message. Therefore, you cannot miss details about your clients' concerns, especially when they want your attention on a critical matter like defending your clients’ practice licenses. Keeping a list of calls and voicemails will also helps you evaluate your clients’ concerns and improve on specific aspects like their handling, marketing materials, or FAQ pages on your firm's website. 

Relying on a Call Answering Service Enjoy Flexible Communication

With the growing demand of professional license defense law firm, you must fulfill several functions all at once. For instance, you can use their services as an information line and enable new clients to know about your operation hours, offers, direction, and more. Some call answering services can also create a mobile app to make mobile communication easier.

Hire an Answering Service for Your Professional License Defense Law Firm Today

The best way to improve your law firm’s services is by hiring an legal answering service. However, you should note that not all call answering services would offer the kind of service you expect. You should consider a company that works with similar clients and has helped them establish the growth you desire, among other consideration. With these selection criteria at hand, there are high chances of achieving most of the benefits described above and achieve your goals as well.