It is your dream to advance in your career and job. But California, like other states in the US, might not be easy to secure a job. Many professions will require you to produce your professional license to prove you fit the position. So are you confused about how you obtain the professional license in California? Or do you have any questions or concerns about the professional license in the state? Ok, you are not alone. Many people find it challenging to obtain a professional license.

Start by seeking legal help from a California professional license attorney. The attorney will help you learn more about the California professional license regulations and laws. Also, the attorney will answer any burning question you have about the topic. The following questions and answers will also help you learn several questions you might ask your attorney and the possible answers you can expect from them.

How Can a Professional License Lawyer Help Me When I Have trouble Obtaining My Professional License or License Renewal?

Working with a professional license attorney increases your opportunities for obtaining your professional license despite previous difficulties or denial in your application. A good lawyer understands the administrative laws in California and what the licensing board will look for. A skilled attorney may help you in many ways, including:

  • Identifying any previous issues which might lead to the denial of your application.

  • Recommend legal strategies that will help resolve the prior issues.

  • File a petition on your behalf for the failed application.

  • Coordinate the renewal or the application process.

  • Negotiate with the state licensing board for a better term of reinstatement of your license.

My Professional License was Revoked or Suspended Outside California; What Should I Do to Obtain a New License Outside California?

Having your license revoked or suspended in another state will not prevent you from receiving a new license in the other state. But, this might be an issue you want to discuss with the state licensing board you are applying for the new license. The licensing board will check your records, and if you have any recent disciplinary actions, the board will deny the application unless you have a convincing explanation. You can be able to obtain a new license in a new state under specific examples like:

  • When an acceptable time has lapsed since the suspension of the last license.

  • You go through all the legal steps to get the old license reinstated before applying for the new one.

  • When you present compelling reasons.

  • You can boost your chances of obtaining a new professional license despite the suspension of the previous license.

For example, the following elements will boost your chances of obtaining a new license:

Being Honest During Your License Application

The licensing board will ask you whether you had license revocation or suspension in the past. When you provide false information hoping the officers won't conduct a background check, the chances are they will check. Upon realizing you had past license revocation or suspension, they will deny the license application.

Working with a Well-Skilled Attorney to Assist You

In California, license suspension or revocation is a serious issue. Your chances of obtaining a new license after a past license suspension are high when you work with a criminal defense attorney. The attorney will advise you and provide legal help throughout the legal process.

Can a DUI Conviction Result in Losing my Professional License in California?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is an offense that anyone, including a nurse, credentialed teacher, insurance agents, veterinarians, dentists, medical doctors, accountants, psychologists, or any other licensed professional, can commit. Many California agencies and boards like the department of insurance, the dental board, the commission of teachers, the medical board, and the department of social services take arrests for DUI seriously. These boards require you to report any arrest to them within 30 days after the arrest. Other agencies recommend self-reporting.

What are the Penalties for Professional License Violation in California?

Your licensing authority can initiate disciplinary acts against you for violating the professional license in California. The first thing you want to do is seek legal help from a professional licensed defense lawyer. Even when you feel the board's investigation results from a misunderstanding, you want to comply with your attorney's advice.

Can You Lose Your Professional License as a Result of a Conviction?

Yes, you can lose your professional license once you commit a crime in California. Although the situation is not common, the regulatory board and any other business that discovers your crime is related to the business may decide to withdraw the license.

But if this happens, it does not mean you will lose the license. Your criminal defense attorney may apply for a hearing to claim your conviction does not imply you are unfit for the job. Therefore when you face a conviction for facing license suspension or revocation, you want to discuss it with your criminal defense attorney. Without the legal help of a criminal defense attorney, you are more likely to face harsh penalties and lose your professional license. Therefore, if this is your situation, seek legal help from our competent criminal defense attorney; our attorney will help you understand better what to do.

What are Your Costs and Fees When Choosing a Professional License Attorney?

Do not be afraid when you decide to choose a professional license attorney. Although many lawyers are expensive, not all attorneys are expensive. Finding an attorney who fits your budget and offers the legal help you deserve might be easy.

Many law firms' costs and fees are negotiable. For instance, when legal assistants or paralegals are to handle your case, you might negotiate for a lower rate as you will not be paying for the experience and education of the attorney.

Usually, many law firms charge at an hourly rate and bill the work performed. Move to another attorney if you choose an attorney and the attorney refuses to disclose the price during the consultation. An attorney transparent on their price is highly recommended. Also, let the attorney inform you during the consultation whether you will have to pay any additional charges or fees.

Does California Require a Professional License?

Based on your work type, the state of California may require a professional license before you begin to work. The state wants to ensure the people providing the services to the community are well trained and provide quality services.

You may face charges for contracting without a valid license when you decide to perform your duties without obtaining a professional license. But when the law enforcement officers charge you with the crime, you may still fight the charge by working with your criminal defense attorney.

Do the Licenses Expire in California?

Yes, your professional license may expire. Fortunately, the process involved in renewing the expired professional license is not challenging. The license may expire after a few years based on your occupation type. The renewal of the licenses involves filling out a renewal form and paying the small application fees. So, when you want to renew your professional license and do not know where to start, ensure you seek legal help from your criminal defense attorney.

California also made it for you to apply for the renewal of your license through the licensing system. The law also allows you to stick with the old application methods for a professional license. Ensure you visit the real estate department and obtain the application materials and the required list document. Whether you seek to apply for the license online or through the mail, the law requires you to complete the education requirement before submitting the mail. So it means undergoing several hours, passing the exams, and receiving your certificate of completion on time and including it in the application.

How Do You Navigate the License Investigation By the Board of Licensing in California?

Your misconduct and discipline determine the outcome of the board of investigation about your license. The department of consumer affairs performs many investigations. They are employees of California. The investigations about the licensing are a complaint-driven process. Usually, the licensing board receives a complaint from the former or current client, employer, or patient. Even when you know the allegations by the complaint are false, the licensing board does not ignore them, and it must conduct an investigation.

Several licensing investigations focus on the board's standards; the investigations may lead to a criminal justice implication. For instance, drug diversion investigations of osteopaths, physicians, and registered nurses, among other practitioners, may encompass possible violations of the regulations and laws governing professional practice.

Successfully navigating the investigations is essential for achieving the best results in your case. The first you become aware of the complaint, you want to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Please do not wait until the licensing board concludes their findings about the claim. Before they conclude, you have the opportunity to fight the allegation and skip possible penalties.

Remember, the board works with well-trained and experienced investigators who use investigative techniques to conduct their investigation. That’s why you should not handle the matter without the legal help of your criminal defense attorney.

Can the Licensing Board in California Take Away My License?

Fortunately, this is not simple. You have the right to obtain a fair hearing to challenge the licensing board. That's why you have a property license in your license.

Will I Lose My Professional License Because of a Conviction?

It depends. Anyone may make a mistake. For instance, the law disallowed you from obtaining something from your employer or store. Maybe you received drugs or other behavior that does not bespeak your character. Although you might decide to abandon this behavior, the above behaviors may haunt you in the future. So, when you face conviction, you might lose your professional license.

The board may decide to revoke or suspend your license when the court finds you guilty of a crime that the board deems much related to your professional license. The legal process begins with a notice of allegations, letting you know you are facing discipline resulting from a criminal conviction related to your actions. If you do not have a professional license and have applied for one, the board sends you a statement of issues.

The legal matter is not an issue you want to handle alone. You want to work with a well-skilled criminal defense attorney. Our attorney is the right choice for your case. Our extensive experience gives us the edge to compete with our competitors. We can also do everything possible to ensure you skip the criminal charge.

Do I Have to prove I am Unfit to Obtain My Professional License?

No, it is the work of the licensing board to prove whether the court should grant you the license, revoke or suspend the license. But the worst scenario is to lose the license as opposed to criminal offenses where you lose your freedom. The level of proof is not as high as in criminal offenses. So, the licensing board should provide evidence to prove you are not fit to keep the professional license. Again, if you apply for the license and have obtained a statement of issues, you are responsible for the proof. You must prove before the court that you are fit for the professional license.

How Do You Obtain a Professional License in California?

When you seek to start your own business or enter a new profession, the law may require you to have a valid professional license. Indeed, there exist several types of professions and businesses that require a professional license. You might find it challenging to determine on your own what steps you can take to obtain and keep a professional license. The state has many licensing boards with different requirements for those seeking a professional license.

California laws require corporations, individuals, businesses, and partnerships seeking to receive licenses for their businesses. For the professionals working in healthcare sectors or with fiduciaries like doctors and accountants, the law requires them to operate with a professional license as soon as possible.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining a Professional License in California?

The acquisition of a professional license attracts several benefits. Discuss with your criminal defense attorney to help you know more about the advantages of the licenses. The following are the common benefits of a professional license.


With the professional license, your status becomes something that can lead you to success now and in the future. Remember, professional licenses act like a deciding factor during the hiring period. When a company is choosing between two trained applicants, the one with the professional license has the probability of securing the job. Not only does the license enhance your standing, but it also demonstrates your commitment to your career.


For many people obtaining a professional license gives them the advantage of advancing and achieving greater responsibility. For example, only a licensed engineer can seal, sign and submit a drawing and plan or work as a fully qualified official. Many government institutions and agencies emphasize the importance of obtaining professional licenses.


Without a valid professional license, you cannot call yourself a doctor, engineer, accountant, etc. Also, when you decide to perform your duties as a consultant, the law requires you to register and obtain a professional license. With the license, you can even expand your career options.

What are the Common Issues which Might Risk Your Professional License?

The California licensing board is responsible for the license and disciplinary conduct of any investigations related to your professional license. The law requires every worker to obtain a license and maintain it. Many employees make mistakes. However, the worst thing is being fired from their positions. You are free to attempt to seek a new job. In California, a professional license is essential for every worker. When a worker commits a serious offense, like domestic violence, they may face penalties and even lose their jobs. So, you must understand the common issues that might lead to your license revocation or suspension.

When you receive a letter of investigation from the licensing board, you need to react immediately and contact your attorney. If you make any assumptions and fail to report the issue to your attorney, you stand a chance to face severe penalties, including license revocation.

Can I Apply for a Professional License in California if I am Undocumented?

Generally, the law requires the li CV ensuing board to govern the eligibility requirements for all professional licenses and immigration status. But, federal law prohibits undocumented immigrants from seeking professional licenses unless the state enacts legislation permitting the undocumented immigrant to obtain the professional license. In California, the law allows specific groups of immigrants to be professionally licensed in certain occupations. For instance, undocumented immigrants may obtain any of the 40 licenses available in the state, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

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