I have been writing for years about EMS and how EMS providers – in my opinion – contribute to society what nobody else can or will; that being an EMS provider is the single most important job there is (certainly better for society than being a lawyer).

Although much of what I write is laced with sarcasm, humor, and hyperbole, it is intended to motivate and inspire EMS providers to reach farther and further; to be better and to never settle for life in the mediocrity zone.

As an EMS defense attorney, I write through the prism of the law to try and illustrate actual risks and rewards providers face in real life. As an EMS provider, I write through the prism of someone who has done what you do and worked hard to encourage positive change, constant evolution, and relentless improvement of service and care.

My career is built on protecting, defending, and educating EMS providers so that they can be better and do better – because I truly believe there is no job more important.

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